What should we pay special attention to when using the vacuum sintering furnace?

First, the thermocouples of vacuum sintering furnace are of tungsten rhenium type, which will be brittle if used and cannot be contacted. If it is damaged, it shall be replaced in time.

Second, as the mold to be processed by vacuum sintering furnace is generally prepared by the user, the mold material is basically high-purity graphite, and its pressure resistance limit is 40MPa. It is recommended that the user use it below 30MPa, which is relatively safe. Before pressurization, the area of the upper and lower punch of the mold should be calculated, and then converted into the pressure force. The specific formula is as follows: the system allows pressurization (ton) = the area of the upper or lower punch × 30MPa

Third, the furnace body should keep vacuum after the use of the vacuum sintering furnace, because the insulating layer in the furnace is easy to be damped, so the next vacuum pumping will be faster.

Fourth, in winter, when using the vacuum sintering furnace, special attention should be paid to the heat preservation of the circulating water, otherwise the water pipe will burst easily.

Fifthly, when using the vacuum sintering furnace, pay attention to that after the crucible is placed in the furnace, do not forget to cover the small cover in the middle after the heat preservation screen cover is covered. Otherwise, it is easy to burn the furnace.

Sixth, before operation, clean the observation window glass, clean the inner wall of the furnace, observe the water pressure, observe whether the graphite in the furnace is damaged, observe whether the instrument display is normal after power on, and test whether the hydraulic system can work normally.

Seventh, due to the complexity of the vacuum sintering furnace equipment, it is recommended to use it by specially assigned person, who is responsible for it. For the novice, the pre use training, post use inspection, operation and use of the equipment should be recorded.

What should we pay special attention to when using the vacuum sintering furnace

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