Heat treatment Mexico 2018

Advanced hot processing technology conference and Expo

ASM Heat Treatment Association will present Mexican Heat Treatment 2018 at the American Carnival in Cretaro, Mexico, September 25-28, 2018. The conference will attract maintenance supervisors, metallurgists and production engineers, and will provide a bridge for the new technology of heat processing and how it can be applied to the production environment in Mexico.

During the meeting, participants can enjoy the following educational opportunities:
"Metallurgy of non metallurgists" - the one day course will be opened on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Professor Rafael Claes will introduce mechanical testing and its measurement, the application and metallurgy of steel and cast iron, heat treatment and surface hardening of steel and nonferrous metals, and more!

"Heat treatment for auto artificial intelligent casting" - in this 2 hour course, Professor Alejandro Garcia will introduce the basic knowledge of metallurgical heat treatment for automotive parts, mainly involving the three most common foundry processes: sand (SC), gravity permanent (PM) and high pressure casting (HPDC).

The theme of the demonstration will be carburizing, heat treatment of aluminum, induction heat treatment, temperature measurement, quenching and hardening, vacuum carburizing, etc. Each theme will be discussed from three aspects: process, metallurgical significance and application.

In addition to technical programming, participants will have the opportunity to interact with and interact with more than 45 companies exhibiting their products and services.
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