ASM Heat Treating Society

The roots of heat treatment are deeply rooted in ASM International, because our association was founded in Detroit in 1913 under the name of the Iron and Steel Workers Club. Over the decades, with the growth and expansion of membership rights, the technical scope of the association (and its name) has expanded from heat treatment to metallic materials. By 1969, the diversification of these benefits has led to the establishment of the technology division, focusing on the needs of members with specific material and process needs, and providing networking opportunities for members of similar interests.

In 1994, ASM's heat treatment supporters - in many ways, they were the first members of the ASM and one of the largest members of their members - created the ASM heat treatment association to provide centralized leadership, communication and service development for this important member group.

Today, HTS continues to grow and flourish. HTS is the world's largest heat treatment network, and the members of HTS are dedicated to providing events and services to serve their captives and commercial heat treatment providers, equipment manufacturers, researchers, government and technical personnel worldwide.

In addition to enjoying the benefits of ASM membership, HTS members also have their own unique leadership and service agenda for the global heat treatment community.

The members of HTS are committed to:
Summon heat treatment personnel to discuss the challenge of heat treatment
Provide technical information, knowledge and education for all heat treatment personnel.
Central information exchange center providing valuable information for heat treatment parties
Establish contacts with all organizations serving heat treatment.

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