What are the safety protection devices for the real air quenching furnace?

The true air quenching furnace manufactured by the heat treatment manufacturer is equipped with six safety protection devices, which can guarantee the safety of equipment and operators of vacuum equipment in the process of use. The details are as follows:

1. Electronic protection device

Different heating elements are used in the chamber of the true air quenching furnace, such as silicon carbon rod, silicon molybdenum rod, thermocouple, electrode and electron gun, depending on the use of the furnace. Eddy current is generated by the current in the vacuum furnace to generate heat so that metals can be melted and smelted.

What are the safety protection devices for the real air quenching furnace?

2. Physical protection device

The physical protection device of the true air quenching furnace includes the furnace shell and the furnace body. It is made of heat-resistant carbon steel or stainless steel welded together. The detachable parts are made of high vacuum sealing materials to ensure the safety and sealing of the true air quenching furnace

3. Air cooling/water cooling device of real air quenching furnace

In order to prevent the high temperature from harming the shell or the operator, air cooling or water cooling devices are installed in the shell of the real air quenching furnace, which can not only protect the external temperature of the shell from overheating, but also reduce the emission of internal temperature and save the energy needed for heating.

4. Temperature control system

Intelligent 30 section PID microcomputer programmable control, can be micro-control temperature in stages, precision up to 1℃

5. Vacuum system

According to the different vacuum degree required, our company can provide a variety of vacuum supporting systems. The detailed number of vacuum degree can refer to the explanation of high and low vacuum degree in the previous article

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