What are the installation methods of forging and pressing equipment

The method for forging and pressing equipment to connect metal materials, metal processing equipment can be divided into:

1, metal cutting equipment, such as grinder, milling machine, broaching machine, gear processing machine, etc.

2. Forging and pressing equipment, such as hammer, shearing machine, forging machine, bending machine, etc.

What are the installation methods of forging and pressing equipment

Forging equipment of classification and performance

There are many kinds of forging equipment, including mechanical press, hydraulic press, automatic forging press, hammer, shearing machine, forging machine, bending machine and other types.

The shearing machine. The shears include plate shears, joint punching and shearing machines, hot saws, plate rolling machines, etc.

Forging and pressing equipment of installation

Mechanical press, hydraulic press, hydraulic press tension bolts and column assembly.

Body installation of hydraulic press.

Pickling of steel pipe in hydraulic press and hydraulic system.

Installation of main pipe of hydraulic press. Including the installation, pressure testing and painting of the main pipes such as high and low pressure water pipes and compressed air pipes within *** flanges of the equipment body; High pressure valve pressure test; High pressure pipeline welding joint preheating and stress relief; Pickling of high and low pressure pipelines; Pipe bending with nominal diameter of less than 70 mm.

The forging hammer anvil base is laid around the linoleum, asphalt, sand and other anticorrosive layer as well as the mat to find the time surface finishing.

Belt conveyor can do the horizontal direction of transportation, also can be inclined according to a certain Angle up or down transportation.

According to its installation in the field, the belt conveyor can be divided into mobile and fixed two kinds. The mobile belt conveyor is equipped with the adjustable height transfer device, which can change the working position and conveying height frequently. The supporting device and the frame of the fixed belt conveyor are fixed and installed on the foundation.

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