6 station 6 punch Metal Forging Cold Heading Machine


6 station 6 punch Metal Forging Cold Heading Machine 



6 station 6 punch Metal Forging nut and bolt making machine is widely used in the fastener industry. This machine can produce different kinds of bolts in one time. Auto multi-station cold upsetting former is a specialized machine tool with high efficiency and automation among forging machinery, cold upsetting technique and auto cold upsetting formers are used  as an important means for producing different kinds of bolts, screws, rivets and nut in the field of fastener industry. because of the advantage of the cold upsetting equipment itself and the superiority of cold upsetting technique, the formers also are widely used in different national economic territories for producing fasteners and abnormal non-standard parts such as aviation, steamer, machinery, rail traffic, vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, sewing machine, construction, furniture, light industry and daily necessities, etc.



1.Being equipped with air clutch.

2.Swing type pneumatic gripping mechanism, the gripping capacity is adjustable and clamping power is stable even at high working speed.

3.Pressing and feeding wire, there are two overdrive clutches fixed in the feeding course.

4.Wire cutting part is actuated by strong link-block system

5.Each station of rear knock out device can be adjusted individually, and the last station can realize the action of knocking out trimmed product via adjusting the location of cam or changing different cam.

6.Front knock out part moves simultaneously with the retreat movement of the main ram.

7.Either front knock out device or rear knock out device is fixed a safety pin with the function of pressure check-up.

8.There is imported converter available in electrical system.

9.Both main and auxiliary rams, all are made of abrasion resistant alloy, and the inside plates of the formers are made of imported quench alloy.

10.The principal parts such as body frame, main ram, main link lever etc. all are made of high-strength material.

11.Main components for each part and all cams all are machined by numerically-controlled machine tools, for guaranteeing precision and the curve smooth and sliding.

12.Touch screen and man-machine dialogue numerical control system are optional for meeting customer’s requirement.


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