Square cooling tower composition and installation

Square cooling tower composition and installation

The waste heat generated in industrial manufacturing or refrigeration processes is usually conducted using cooling water. And the main function of the square cooling tower is to take the cooling water with waste heat in the tower and the air to conduct a heat exchange, let waste heat transfer to the air you and into the atmosphere.

Cooling capacity: cooling capacity is the core of cooling tower quality. An important component in the installation of cooling tower is the pouring water packing. Its function is to reduce the water temperature of cooling water. The temperature drop generated by the pouring water packing is up to 60% ~ 70% of the temperature drop of the whole tower. Problems often occur: cooling tower users in the operation of the cooling effect is not very good, or the cooling water temperature drop worse and worse; Or lose the cooling power altogether.

Water loss: water loss of cooling tower is a notable water-saving operation parameter. How much new water is added to the cooling tower depends on how much water is lost in the cooling water cycle. Cooling tower water loss includes: evaporation loss, wind loss, sewage loss.

(1) evaporation loss. Evaporation loss is inevitable in wet cooling towers.

(2) wind loss. Wind loss is when water droplets in the hot and humid air flow from the cooling tower are blown out of the tower by the wind.

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