Special purpose machine tools of characteristics

Special purpose machine tool is a kind of machine tool specially suitable for the processing of specific parts and specific processes. It is an indispensable machine tool in the production system of automatic production line. Modular machine tool is a kind of special machine tool, it is based on standardized parts, with a small number of special parts. Because the special machine tool is a kind of "tailored clothes" product, has the advantage of high efficiency automation, is the mass production enterprise's ideal equipment. With the progress of equipment manufacturing technology, the popularization of numerical control technology, the development of the numerical control of the special machine tool is also very fast, the special machine tool occupies a certain proportion in the production practice.

Special purpose machine tools of characteristics

The manufacturing of special machine tools and their automatic production lines is different from the mass production of automobiles and the manufacturing properties of ordinary machine tools. It has two distinct features: one is integration. User order special tools are required turnkey projects, it sets processing technology (including process method and process parameter), machine tools, jigs, tools (auxiliary) contains the development of the design and selection, inspection measurement (including the blank inspection before entering the machine tools, processing and finished products inspection measure) in logistics transportation, security and processing chip and coolant is equal to one. It solves not just one of these problems, but every possible one across a wide range of technical domains. The second one is oneness. Special machine tools are almost single production, according to user requirements, a one-time development, a one-time manufacturing, but also to ensure a one-time success.

According to the development and manufacturing characteristics of the special machine tool and its automatic production line, it can be summarized into the following characteristics:

A; It's technically difficult. Because it is a set of processing technology, machine tools, fixtures, auxiliary tools, tools, inspection and measurement, logistics is equal to one, to achieve the turnkey project, which involves a wide and complex technical field, is a one-time manufacturing, to ensure a success, so the technical difficulty is large.

2. Is the business risk rate is high. Special machine tool (or automatic line) according to the user order "tailored" manufacturing, there is no trial production exploration process, to ensure a success, there is a considerable technical risk. Due to the improper technical scheme, the situation of partial or overall scrapping is common; Due to one-time manufacturing, it is difficult to avoid problems in the manufacturing debugging process. It always takes time to solve these problems, so there are certain risks in the timely delivery. Because the equipment is specially made for a certain user, when the user can not pay on time for various reasons, or even unable to pay, is bound to cause the loss of the manufacturing enterprise; The products cannot be transferred to others, so the operating risk rate is high

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