High Speed Drilling And Tapping Machine Tools


High Speed Drilling And Tapping Machine Tools


1.Machine tools basic characteristics
This machine tools is developed on the basis of the international popular, advanced and flexible machine tool design concept. Mainly used for processing non-ferrous metals, aluminum substrate and other materials drilling, tapping procedures, while boring, milling. The machine has fast moving speed, high spindle speed, drilling and tapping efficiency and quality is more than twice that of ordinary machining center, for 3C, communications industry customers, is the most ideal processing equipment. The machine tool fully embodies the rich experience in metal cutting of drilling and processing center. The machine has high efficiency and precision, and is suitable for precision and high efficiency electronic communication, textile accessories, automotive parts, hydraulic parts and other processing industries to meet a variety of lines. The most challenging mechanical processing requirements. The machine tool adopts the latest FEM (Finite Element Analysis System) simulation and optimization design method. Based on the overall strength and rigidity optimization, the machine tool achieves the best processing dynamic performance. It is the representative and model of modular design and ergonomics design of international machining equipment, and puts the machine tool working area into practice. The optimization design of the domain has been applied to the extreme and achieved a high degree of harmony between human-machine harmony.
2. The principal axis with motor is directly connected was designed. There is no transmission noise, backlash or vibration problem of belt or gear. The maximum speed is 20000/24000/30000rpm. High quality tapping effect and surface brightness can be obtained. The main motor with low inertia motor, 0-20000/rpm acceleration time only 1 second, no time lag in high-speed tapping commutation, avoid pulling teeth. Linear slides are used for three-axis movement, and the three-axis movement is up to 48 m/min. It can support heavy load and ensure accurate positioning. The base, worktable, column, beam, sliding saddle and spindle box of the machine tool are made of HT300 high strength inoculated cast iron moulded with resin sand. After secondary annealing treatment, the casting stress and the internal stress produced by rough machining are completely eliminated to ensure the high rigidity, high stability and quality of the structure and ensure the quality permanently. Through the finite element analysis method computer calculation and analysis, the reasonable structure strength and the reinforcement rib match, provides the mechanical high rigidity.
Tool changing time is 1.6 seconds.

Main parts and structures of equipment:
1)Large span base, effectively dispersing gravity and processing bearing capacity; saddle suspension short, greatly improving dynamic accuracy.
2) Compared with the Single-Shaped column, the small herringbone column has more stable structure and sufficient rigidity, eliminating the problem of the lateral force column tilting left and right to the greatest extent. The design of the protective and debris removal system for the bed with the small herringbone structure is more mature, and the problem of water leakage in the installation of the sheet metal is avoided from the mechanical structure.
3) The spindle box and the column adopt the best contact ratio design to match the industry brand spindle, which achieves the high rigidity spindle unit of the giant machine tool.
4) Precision spindle with high accuracy, high performance and high stability.
The main shaft produced by professional manufacturers is characterized by high speed, high precision and high performance.
Standard 20000 spindle does not need to be equipped with oil cooler to cool the spindle. It can be equipped with circulating oil cooling system to reduce the temperature rising phenomenon when the spindle rotates at high speed. The spindle temperature is always lower than 2 degrees room temperature under differential temperature mode, thus prolonging the life and precision of the spindle. Using low inertia spindle motor, the acceleration time is short, 0-20000 RPM only takes 1.5 seconds. The motor has high efficiency, fast acceleration and deceleration. The problem of backlash is reduced and the tapping speed and quality are improved by direct connection. The main shaft of the straight joint is noise and vibration without belt main shaft.

5)Ball screw and linear slide rail
In order to ensure the rigidity and durability of the machine, the ball screw and linear slideway used in the drilling and tapping machining center series of giant high machine tools are more than 1.28 times of the same industry, ensuring the maximum load capacity and extending the service life of the machine.

6)Cutting cooling system         
The machine tool is equipped with cooling system, the perfect combination of large flow pump and many nozzles, so that the tool because of cutting overheat wear and workpiece deformation due to processing heating has been effectively solved.

7)Machine tools protection    
The machine tool bed guide (XY axis) is made of stainless steel telescopic and synchronous telescopic sheet metal; the column guide (Z axis) is made of organ type and armor type protection; the machine tool is made of fully enclosed protection to prevent iron scraps and coolant from splashing, so that the operator can work in a safe and comfortable environment.


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