Special machine tools general method for analyzing the faults

The conventional analysis method is a method to judge the cause of the failure by the routine inspection of the machine, electric and hydraulic parts of the nc special machine tools. Conventional analysis on CNC machine tools usually includes the following:

Special machine tools general method for analyzing the faults

1. Check whether the power supply specification (including voltage, frequency, phase sequence, capacity, etc.) meets the requirements;

2. Check whether the connection of CNC servo drive, spindle drive, motor and input/output signal is correct and reliable;

3. Check whether the printed circuit board in the CNC servo drive device is installed firmly and whether the connection and insertion parts are loose;

4. Check whether the setting end and potentiometer setting and adjustment of CNC servo drive, spindle drive and other parts are correct;

5. Check whether the oil pressure and air pressure of hydraulic, pneumatic and lubricating parts meet the requirements of machine tools;

6. Check electrical components and mechanical parts for obvious damage, etc.

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