Special machine tools attention in operation of points

Special purpose machine tool is the machine that makes machine, the main function is to process the metal blank into machine parts. There are many kinds of special machine tools, which are widely used in the industrial field. According to different needs and classification methods, special machine tools can be divided into many categories. In the operation of special machine tools, the following should be done carefully:

Special machine tools attention in operation of points

1, stick to the post, careful operation, do not have nothing to do with work. When leaving the special machine tool to stop, shut off the power supply, air source.

2, according to the process requirements for processing. Do not arbitrarily increase the amount of feed, grinding and cutting (grinding) cutting speed. It is forbidden to use special machine tools in excess of standard, overload and overweight. Do not use fine machine and small machine.

3, the tool, the workpiece should be clamping correctly, fastening firmly. Special purpose machine tools shall not be damaged during loading or unloading. No heavy hammer is allowed to strike the tool and workpiece in alignment. Do not use the method of lengthening handle to increase torque to tighten the tool and workpiece.

4, is not allowed in the special machine tool spindle conical hole, tail sleeve conical hole and other tool installation hole, the installation of its taper or aperture is not consistent, the surface has notches and not clean thimble, cutter, knife sleeve, etc.

5, the transmission and feed mechanism of the mechanical speed change, tool and workpiece clamping, adjustment and manual measurement of the workpiece between the working procedure should be in the cutting, grinding termination, tool, grinding tool back from the workpiece after the stop.

6, should keep the knife, abrasive sharp, such as blunt or crack should be timely grinding or replacement.

7, cutting, grinding, tool, grinding tools do not leave the workpiece, is not allowed to stop.

8. It is not allowed to dismantle the safety protection device on the special and special machine tool without authorization, and the special and special machine tool without safety protection device is not allowed to work.

9, the hydraulic system in addition to the throttle cutting other hydraulic cutting is not allowed to adjust.

10. Tools, workpieces and other sundries are not allowed to be placed directly on the special machine tool, especially the guide rail surface and working table.

11. Regularly remove iron filings and oil stains from special machine tools, and keep the guideway surface, sliding surface, rotating surface, positioning datum surface and working surface clean.

12, pay close attention to the operation of the special machine tool, lubrication, such as movement failure, vibration, heat, crawling, noise, smell, bruise and other abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop the check, after troubleshooting, can continue to work.

13. When an accident occurs on a special machine tool, press the main stop button immediately to maintain the accident site and report it to the relevant department for analysis and treatment.

14. Do not weld or repair the workpiece on the special machine tool

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