Nitrogen production equipment daily maintenance

1. Check the precision filter regularly every shift.

(1) if the automatic blow-down valve is normally blow-down, if any abnormality is found, the automatic blow-down valve should be repaired or replaced manually.

(2) whether the pointer of the pressure difference meter is in the green zone, if in the red zone, the filter element of the air filter should be replaced.

2. Regularly check whether the exhaust muffler is normally emptied every shift. If black carbon powder is discharged from the exhaust outlet of the muffler, it is indicated that the carbon molecular sieve is pulverized and should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

3. Clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the equipment of the nitrogen making machine.

4. Regularly check whether the inlet pressure, temperature, dew point, flow rate and oil content of the compressed air are normal.

5. Check the readings of each instrument regularly, and analyze and deal with the failure if abnormal is found.

6. Check whether the pressure drop of the three connecting parts of the air source in the control air path is normal.

Nitrogen production equipment daily maintenance

Every 3 months

Check the sealing performance of the nitrogen making machine with soap and water.

Every six months

Check whether the pneumatic valve of the nitrogen generator operates normally.

Every 12 months

1. Replace the oxygen electrode of the nitrogen analyzer on the nitrogen making machine.

2. Replace the filter element in the air precision filter.

3. Calibrate the flowmeter.

4. Calibrate the oxygen analyzer.

5. Check the safety valve and pressure gauge according to national regulations.

6. Replace the activated carbon in the deoiler.

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