Cryogenic Oxygen & Nitrogen Gas Making Plant

Cryogenic Oxygen & Nitrogen Gas Making Plant.jpg

Cryogenic Oxygen & Nitrogen Gas Making Plant


Description :


Pressure Swing Adsorption working principle

1)PSA technology allows nitrogen molecules to be isolated from other molecules in compressed air (water, oxygen, CO2, etc).

2)The carbon molecular sieve (CMS), the adsorbent in the generator, retains all those molecules and only lets the nitrogen pass through to the outlet.

3)While the CMS in one vessel regenerates a second, connected vessel goes through the same adsorption cycle.

4)These two connected vessels work together to ensure a near-continuous flow of nitrogen gas.


Application :

It's mainly used in electron industry , steel /metal industry ,chemical industry .

Food industry , fertilizer industry .


Parameter :



Power Supple:380\220\50HZ

Range of application(Tons): 2500-3000

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