Nitrogen making machine for chemical industry

Nitrogen making machine for chemical industry

Brief description of nitrogen purity requirement of nitrogen making machine in chemical industry

Chemical industry is the industry with the largest and most applications of nitrogen equipment, and the current applications are:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) : purity 99.5%, large flow.

Polypropylene (PE) : purity 99.9%, large flow. The application of nitrogen in this product is divided into two parts, one is that the activator and catalyst require 99.9% nitrogen (small amount) in loading and emptying. Second, the nitrogen used in the reactor needs 99.5% purity and large amount, and the purity is usually 99.9%.

Polyethylene, aniline: purity 99.95%. Nitrogen is about 4 times as much as usual in catalyst regeneration of aniline, but the cycle is short.

Polyformaldehyde and ethanol: the general purity is 99.9%.

Petroleum: it can be used for nitrogen purging, nitrogen filling, displacement, leak detection, flammable gas protection, as well as diesel hydrogenation and catalytic reforming. The purity is generally 99.9%.

Polyester: the upstream raw material PTA (refined p-phenylene dimethyl alcohol), the actual use purity is 95%, generally take 99%. Polyester chip is generally 99.999% according to the actual process, the downstream products of the chip filament, short silk, 99.9-99.99%.

Float glass: 99.995% pure, free of hydrogen.

Heat treatment: galvanized sheet is divided into annealing and galvanizing processes. The purity of nitrogen is required to be 99.995%, and h25-20% is required. The equipment composition is quite complicated.

Aluminum: generally 99.95%, no hydrogen required, otherwise there will be "hydrogen cell" phenomenon.

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