Cylinder psa nitrogen making machine

Cylinder psa nitrogen making machine.jpg

Cylinder psa nitrogen making machine




The PSA Nitrogen Generator is based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology, which uses some specific molecular sieves (CMS) to separate the nitrogen gas from the air.

When the process adopts lifting air, oxygen and nitrogen have different diffusion rate and

adsorptive capacity to separate oxygen from nitrogen on carbon molecular sieve. When air is

compressed to 0.8MPa, air source enters in pressure-swing adsorption tower for separation after

being purified through dry and oil-water separation process (filter). Oxygen molecules are

diffused and adsorbed in carbon molecular sieve under pressure. Non-adsorbed nitrogen

is discharged from outlet of adsorption tower. Oxygen is desorbed, discharged and purged

in adsorption tower under depressurization. Moreover, adsorbent can be recycled.




Food packing, Food storing, Electric & Electronic industry, Petrogas & Oil field, Chemicals

& Petro-chemicals, Coal-mine, Metallurgy, Pharmacy, SMT, Fire-resistance, lab, Air

driving, and so on.


Parameter :


N2 Purity% : 99.5~99.9%

N2 Prodcution Nm3/h : 300

Air consumption Nm3/min : 18

Power : 129

N2 Pressure Mpa : 0.2~0.8

Air pressure Mpa : 0.7~0.8

Dimension : 4.8*2.6*3.0






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