Nitrogen machine in rubber tire industry of pressure swing adsorption

Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen machine in rubber tire industry application

nitrogen machine in rubber tire industry of pressure swing adsorption  application

Since the 1980s, the domestic PSA and cryogenic nitrogen separation system have gradually replaced the domestic PSA and nitrogen separation system, and the application scope has been greatly expanded, covering petrochemical, chemical, textile and other industries. With the rapid growth of the people's economy, large investment projects have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, among which rubber, polyester, textile projects are more prominent. These industries usually require a short production cycle for the deployment of supporting equipment, and considering the uncontrollable factors such as capital and market, they often invest in stages, and the amount of each phase of the project is not very large, so they do not accept the cryogenic nitrogen production method. At this time, small and medium-sized PSA nitrogen production method with low investment cost, short delivery time, convenient and fast equipment maintenance and other advantages, become the first choice of most users.

In vulcanization process of rubber tire, before all use water vapor to fill the capsule, which greatly reduced the service life of the capsule, and with 99.99% purity nitrogen injection capsule, it is beneficial to increase the number of capsule use. Considering the nitrogen cost and the capsule cost, the nitrogen production machine is better than the old process. The compressed air is removed from the oil, water and dust by the purification unit, and then enters the air process tank. The nitrogen equipment of PSA nitrogen making mechanism separates the nitrogen and oxygen based on the principle of pressure-changing adsorption, and the oxygen-rich gas is discharged, and the nitrogen-rich gas is stored in the nitrogen process tank. The rear end can be configured with a nitrogen supercharger to pressurize the high purity nitrogen to the required gas pressure.

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