How to use ultrapure water treatment equipment

Ultrapure water treatment equipment is a new technology for preparing ultrapure water (high purity water), which is separated organically by electrodialysis membrane separation technology and ion exchange technology. It USES polarization phenomenon during electrodialysis process to stop electrochemical regeneration of ion exchange resin filled in fresh water chamber.

The device is mainly under the action of direct current field, the dielectric ions in the water passing through the baffling plate move in a directional way, the application of ac membrane to ion selection through action to stop the purification of water quality. The fundamental work is a pure water manufacturing technology which separates the ion exchange technology, ion exchange membrane technology and ion electrodialysis technology.

How to use ultrapure water treatment equipment

The technology application of ion exchange desalination to restrain polarization and electrodialysis desalination can depth is not completely, and application of electrodialysis polarization and seizure hydropower from H + and OH -, these ions stop continuous regeneration of ion exchange resin, adhere to the best state so that the ion exchange resin membrane reactor is mainly composed of alternately arranged cation exchange membrane, strong water chamber, anion exchange membrane, fresh water chamber and the positive and negative electrodes.

The ion exchange resin is filled and sandwiched between the ion and ion exchange membrane to form a single disposal unit and a fresh water chamber. Under the action of the dc electric field, the cation and anion in the ion exchange resin in the fresh water chamber migrate to the negative and positive directions along the channel formed by the resin and the membrane respectively.

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