Water Purification systems reverse osmosis river water treatment plants


RO-1000/J(1000L / H)

Capacity of water production

1000L/ H



power supply

AC 220V/380v 50HZ

Booster pump


Pretreatment - Sand filter with Glass fiber. vessel


Quartz Sand filter


Pretreatment - GAC  filter with Glass fiber. vessel


active carbon filter


PP sediment filter S.S..

10" * 5

1st RO membrane module

BW30HRLE-4040 X 3

2nd RO membrane module

BW30HRLE-4040 X 2

1st grade high pressure pump

CDL2-150 X 1

2nd grade high pressure pump

CDL2-130 X 1

Outer size of the machine

2300 X 500 X 1650mm



Products Description :

RO system refers to reverse osmosis system, the most advanced technique in water purifying machine.

This Equipment can be design for both small and large scale water factory according to the output.

A variety of protective measures are designed to defend system in case of poor power, larger electrical current, no power, short circuit, creepage of electricity etc.

Functions and Characteristics :

Pure water to clean, clear, and sterile

All equipment chemicals are supplied

All equipment accessories are provided

Ro membranes include auto wash and manual wash

Minimal manual supervision on account of automatic

Provide plant design and operating instructions are provided

Protective measures when poor power, larger electrical current, no power, short circuit, creepage of electricity etc.

Useful for :

Factory and water bottle filling production

Hotel drinking water supply

Farm water supply

Many other applications

Before Design :

1. We need you to advise us what kind of drinking water that you want to manufacture. Is it pure water, mineral water or beverage?

2. We need you to tell us the kind of your source water, and you need to provide us Source Water Testing Analysis Report.

3. Please tell us the production capacity of the machine that you demand, so that we can recommend the suitable machine to you and present quotation solution for you.

4. Please tell us the type of electric Voltage, Frequency in your country.

Products catalog :

1. Reverse osmosis water purification equipment

2. Ultra filtration systems for mineral water and spring water

3. Auto water filling machines for 3/5 gallon bucket and small bottle (0.35-1.5L)

4. Packaging machines, like labeling machines and date printing machines

5. Bottle blowing machines for small PET bottles

6. Make budget for customers; building water treatment factories as per clients' request

7. Factory layout design, machine installation and adjustment and operation technology training.


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