How to solve the problems in vacuum quenching

How to solve the problems of vacuum quenching in vacuum heat treatment

How to solve the problems in vacuum quenching

With the development of technology, vacuum quenching technology is also more and more widely used, but there are also some problems in vacuum heat treatment, so what are the problems, how to solve them? The vacuum heat treatment furnace manufacturer is here to share with you:

First, vacuum quenching has the problem of insufficient cooling capacity. How to solve it? For SKH51 die, 5-6bai 'pressurized nitrogen is used for cooling. For skd6l die casting die, 20bar super pressurized nitrogen is used for cooling.

The second is the evaporation of Cr, Mn and other alloy elements, and the surface abnormal structure from the heat-resistant fixture to the workpiece produced by CR vacuum evaporation. 

Solution: the countermeasures. It is to reduce the vacuum and introduce control gas into the furnace.

Thirdly, there is the problem of oxidation coloring in vacuum quenching. Solution: Although the workpiece can be used in practice, it reduces the value of the goods and increases the claims from the mold users.

Fourth, it is the problem of quenching deformation. Vacuum quenching and small quenching deformation are its commercial characteristics, but we all know that this is a misunderstanding. Although the deformation is small, recently it is also tending to improve the furnace structure to reduce quenching deformation.

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