Rapid quenching furnace

Points for attention in the use of rapid quenching furnace

With the widespread use of microcomputer controlled skills in the production of rapid quenching furnace, special attention shall be paid to the following during the operation:

(1) Before start-up, the air in the pipeline of methanol cracking furnace must be completely discharged;

(2) Methanol is harmful to human body and environment, so it is necessary to prevent leakage of storage and transmission pipeline;

(3) CO and H2 in the waste gas of furnace gas are inflammable, explosive and toxic, and shall be fully incinerated at the furnace mouth;

(4) Check whether the circulating cooling water, bottom mixing fan, atmosphere pressure, furnace body seal and thermocouple are normal. After continuous use, carbon black may appear in the methanol cracking furnace, scattered in the furnace reactor, and the carbon shall be removed once for each furnace.

Incomplete removal of carbon in furnace will result in:

(1) The temperature measurement of thermocouple is not correct due to carbon deposit, which causes the temperature of heating body to be too high and the heating body to be damaged;

(2) Incomplete methanol cracking and less atmosphere affect the process quality. Furnace carbon removal process: close the main valve of methanol into the furnace, close the ball valve at the outlet of methanol flowmeter, open the upper ball valve, and use small steel bar or compressed air to discharge the carbon deposit from the outlet of the lower ball valve out of the furnace. If there is a serious carbon deposit in the furnace reactor, the reactor must be opened to enter its interior for finishing.

After using for a period of time, carbon black and other sundries may occur in the methanol cracking gas pipeline, and the carbon removal shall be carried out regularly according to the conditions. The method is to open the annealing furnace cover, close the methanol cracking gas, so that the methanol cracking gas pipeline is not connected with the methanol cracking furnace, turn over the compressed air, blow out the sundries in the methanol cracking gas pipeline until there is no black smoke in the annealing furnace. Some other pipes, such as the inlet pipe of the analyzer, may also be blocked by compressed air. In case of leakage, soap water can be used for leakage detection.


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