How to maintain the resistance wire?

How to maintain the resistance wire? I think we will know each other when we buy. To this point, today Is small make up to tell you, the enterprise through ISO9002 certification, products through RHOS environmental protection certification, UL certification, set smelting - electroslag remelting - forging open - rolling steel - heat treatment - drawing - flat strip rolling - product forming one-stop production line.

How to maintain the resistance wire?

1) The oxide scale in the furnace must be cleaned frequently with a brush, broom or compressed air to prevent short circuit from falling on the alloy components, generally cleaning should not be less than once a month.

2) After being used for a certain period of time, it is better to lift and knock the heat-resistant steel components such as bottom plate, orange juice and furnace tank to remove their iron scales so as to avoid collapsing or burying components. Especially chromium manganese nitrogen steel, used in the later period of more serious spalling.

3) The lower teeth of box type furnace door and the ring knife of parallel furnace cover must be firmly inserted into the sand sealing groove. The sand inside the sand sealing shall not be overfilled and shall be flat. If the sand falls into the furnace, it should be cleaned in time. For low temperature furnace, can be lined with a sound asbestos rope liner.

4) The orange vortex should be lifted regularly from the external heat salt bath furnace to remove the molten salt. The condensate on the surface of the element can be cleaned with hot water; The coagulate salt on the shelf can be removed by scraping.

5) The cover of brass insulation furnace must be closely buttoned to prevent "copper frost" from falling into the furnace and corroding elements.

6) Avoid contact between copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead and other non-ferrous metals and electric heating elements. No matter fine powder, molten liquid or steam, the corrosion of elements at high temperature is very harmful. This is due to the erosion of the site formed a "pit", the section of smaller, and eventually due to overheating and burn.

7) The trolley cover plate for the lifting electric annealing furnace should be pressed tightly to prevent the elements from overheating and melting due to sand falling into the casting during annealing. Therefore, frequent inspection and timely removal of sand deposits are essential.

8) Due to the heat expansion and cold contraction and creep elongation when the furnace is stopped at the heating temperature, the bolts of the wiring clip of the leading bar are easy to become loose and should be checked and tightened regularly.

9) The outlet rod hole should be tightly blocked to avoid leakage of protective gas and combustion, which will cause the rod body to oxidize the skin and cause poor contact between the outlet rod and the clamp.

10) In the canless carburizing furnace or the use of CO containing controlled atmosphere, carbon will occur free and cause short circuit. Therefore, the door of the furnace should be opened frequently or the compressed air should be used regularly for blowing and washing, so that the combustion of carbon is burned off in time.

Above is the small series and we sum up the resistance wire maintenance knowledge, if you have other questions, welcome to contact.

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