Ferrochrome aluminium resistance wire

Ferrochrome aluminium resistance wire

Products in detail

Iron chromium aluminum wire production specifications: 0.03 ㎜ - 10 ㎜ Ф Ф; Thickness 0.03-10 mm width 1-300 mm;

Iron chromium aluminum wire supply: oxidation color or bright soft supply;

Ferrochrome aluminum wire has been treated with soft state before leaving the factory. It has good shape and toughness, complete steel specifications, high purity, low impurities, stable resistivity, good surface oxidation resistance and high temperature strength.

Fe-cr aluminum wire Precautions:

1. Select the correct wire diameter according to the reasonable surface load during the design;

2. Make a comprehensive inspection of the furnace before installation of ferrochrome aluminum wire, remove ferrite and carbon, and avoid short circuit or furnace wire breakdown;

3. When installing ferrochrome aluminum wire, it shall be connected correctly according to the designed connection mode;

4. Check the sensitivity of the temperature control system before use to prevent the failure of temperature control and the burning of the fe-Cr al-wire.

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