How to maintain high temperature resistance belts

How to maintain high temperature resistance belts

1. When the high temperature resistance belt is used for the first time or used again after long-term disuse, it must be dried by oven once. The specification of this high temperature resistance belt should have specific operation details.

2. Regularly check whether the high-temperature resistance belt and the joints of the controller are in good condition.

3. Using the high temperature resistance belt according to the instructions can extend the service life of the equipment.

4. The trolley cover plate of the lifting type electric annealing furnace should be pressed tightly to prevent the elements from overheating and melting due to sand falling into the casting during annealing. Therefore, frequent inspection and timely removal of sand deposits are essential.

5, in no tank carburizing furnace or the use of CO containing controlled atmosphere, carbon will occur free and cause short circuit. Therefore, the door of the furnace should be opened frequently or the compressed air should be used regularly for blowing and washing, so that the combustion of carbon is burned off in time.

6. Due to the heat expansion, cold contraction and creep elongation when the furnace is stopped, the bolts of the wiring clip of the leading bar are easy to become loose and should be checked and tightened regularly.

7, avoid copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead and other non-ferrous metals and electric heating elements contact, whether fine powder, liquid or steam, at high temperature on the element erosion is very harmful. This is due to the erosion of the site formed a "pit", the section of smaller, and eventually due to overheating and burn.

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