How to clean the pure water production line

How to clean the pure water production line

Many offices now have bottled water for drinking, and everyone is concerned about the cleaning of the production line equipment.

1. Low-pressure washing technology cleaning method

In our daily life, when we use the pure water production line, we also need to flush the equipment, because long time use will cause the pollution of the pure water production line equipment, resulting in the equipment cannot work normally. We should clean the dirt on the surface of the equipment with low pressure washing on a regular basis.

2. Stop equipment operation protection law

Long-term operation equipment, reverse osmosis pure water equipment technology will appear fluctuations, once the treatment of pure water equipment is not considered, the membrane performance of the equipment will be reduced, serious may lead to the unusable. We take protective measures in a short period of time, appropriate shutdown of equipment operation is also a method of equipment cleaning protection.

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