How long will it be better to replace the RO membrane of purified water equipmen

It is ok to replace 1 to 2 years below normal circumstance, but also want to decide according to water quality condition, in the period that sets to use, the water quality that produces water of pure water equipment if accord with a requirement need not change, if water quality drops, need to change immediately.

The main reasons are as follows: the service life of RO membrane of pure water treatment equipment is not sure about the replacement time, which will be changed due to the quality of RO reverse osmosis inlet water quality. Normally, the inlet water quality meets the requirements, that is, the pretreatment of pure water equipment is stable, so it can reach the specified service life of RO membrane. If the pre - treatment fluctuation is large, RO reverse osmosis membrane will be used for a short life.

How long will it be better to replace the RO membrane of purified water equipmen

Where is the water treatment equipment used?

Water for power industry

Thermal power, thermal power plant mining enterprises, middle and low pressure boiler power, water supply system.

Circulating water for high and low pressure boilers, air conditioners and cold storage in power plants and factories. High purity water for the production of microelectronic products, high purity water for semiconductors and picture tubes, water for computer circuit boards and other integrated circuits, water for solar cells and dry batteries.

Chemical industry water, chemical reaction cooling, chemical agents, chemical fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process water system.

Textile printing and dyeing, papermaking water, chemical reagent production with pure water. Skincare production with pure water, shampoo production with pure water, hair dye production with pure water. Chemistry laboratory, physics laboratory, biology laboratory.

Automobile, household appliances, building materials surface coating, cleaning, coated glass and battery water system.

Main USES high purity water for electroplating and glass coating.

Water for folding beverage industry

Drinking pure water, beverages, low - alcohol blending water, pure draft beer filtration.

Pure water, mineral water production, food, beverage production with pure water, hotels, living areas.

Water for the medical and pharmaceutical industries

Large medical infusion, injection, pharmaceutical, biochemical products, medical aseptic water, artificial kidney analysis water and hemodialysis water.

Pharmaceutical, injection water, health products, oral liquid production, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate products, biological preparations, enzyme extraction, protein separation.

Folding public water treatment

Brackish water desalination, schools, communities, hotels, real estate property water supply network

Daily life water treatment project, swimming pool filtration project, water for breeding and ornamental fish, water-saving irrigation, desert brackish water desalination system, seawater desalination system, electroplating wastewater treatment metal recovery, domestic sewage treatment and reuse, product cleaning water recycling treatment, industrial wastewater treatment.

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