High frequency machine to do mask related process

High-frequency mask machine of principle

It is a heating induction coil which is wound into a ring state or the desired shape by using the large current flow which sends out a high frequency wave. The high frequency wave induction is usually made of a red copper hollow tube. A powerful magnetic beam, which generates a transient change in polarity in a high-frequency induction coil, places the metal that needs heat treatment in a high-frequency coil, and the magnetic beam passes through the heated metal object. Inside the inductively heated object, in the opposite direction to the inductively heated current, a strong eddy current is generated. Because there is resistance in the metal heated by induction, strong joule heat energy is generated, which makes the temperature of the object heated by induction rise rapidly, thus achieving the purpose of heat treatment. Therefore, high frequency induction heating machine in the industry, can also be called: high frequency induction heating equipment; High and medium frequency induction quenching equipment; Induction diathermy equipment; High frequency quenching machine, high frequency induction heater, high frequency welding machine.

High frequency machine to do mask related process

One. Select the power supply according to the ultrasonic power and frequency. The higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, and the lower the frequency, the better the diathermy;

1. The installation is simple, only need to connect the electricity and water to use, no need to install.

2. Easy operation: you can learn it in a few minutes.

3. Quick start: heating can be started after the water is electrified.

4. Less power consumption: about 30% power saving compared with the high and medium frequency equipment of the old electronic furnace, the smaller the workpiece, the less power consumption.

5. Good effect: the heating is very uniform, the heating is fast and the oxide layer is less.

6. Adjustable power of induction heating equipment: adjustable output power.

7. Full protection: equipped with over-voltage, over-current, overheat, water shortage and other signs and lights, and automatic control and protection.

Two, mask ear band heat closing machine product advantages

1. Comfortable hand feel: non-stick, unimpeded folding.

2. Washable and wearable: washable and weatherable.

3. Color fastness: even between red and white, it is colorless.

4. Improved fashion look: matte finish.

5. High ductility: even if printed on a fabric with high elasticity.

6. Rapid curing: when the surface temperature is between 170 ℃ and 190 ℃, the surface will be cured after 8 to 15 seconds.

7. Easy to operate: manual screen printing with appropriate viscosity and thixotropic thixotropy.

8. Environmental protection: no organic tin, phthalate, formaldehyde, PVC or solvent.

Three, high-frequency machine to do mask related process

1. Structure and materials of disposable medical masks

General medical masks are composed of three layers, the inner and outer layers are spunbonded non-woven cloth, sandwiched between a layer of melt-spraying non-woven cloth. The outer non-woven fabric can prevent droplet, the inner non-woven fabric can absorb moisture, and the middle layer is the filter layer, the filtering effect can achieve 99.99%. Some of the larger particles can be mechanically sifted out of the filter material, just like we sifted through a sieve to get rid of the larger material. Some of the particles bump into the fibers as they pass through a mesh of filtered material and are absorbed by molecular gravity. In addition, some particles moving at a small scale and at a low speed are absorbed by the fibers during Brownian diffusion. In addition, the electrostatic action of the fiber will also absorb particles. That's why surgical masks are more effective than the normal masks we wear. Back to the structure, we can find that the main material of medical masks is non-woven cloth.

2. Disposable medical mask structure. What is non-woven fabric?

The so-called non-woven fabric does not need the warp and weft interwoven edge knot together, but through the physical method of bonding together. It is a non-woven cloth formed by air flow or mechanical netting and reinforced by water prick, acupuncture or hot rolling. In simple terms, it is just like directly making the cotton structure disordered and tangled and solidified together to form a flat cloth. As shown below, our common handbag is made of non-woven fabric. Spunbonded non-woven cloth and melt-sprayed non-woven cloth are a kind of non-woven cloth, formed by different processing techniques. The main materials of spunbonded nonwoven fabric are polyester and polypropylene fiber. The main material of melt-spraying cloth is polypropylene, which is formed by melt-spraying. Melt spray cloth has good filtering and shielding properties.

3. Non-woven cloth mask

With raw materials and equipment, mask production is much easier. The melt-sprayed cloth and non-woven cloth, which are divided into small rolls, are first put on the production line. First, three layers of non-woven cloth are stacked together, and the mask body is made by high-frequency welding.

4. High-frequency welding mask body

Masks are made of laminated structure, which can completely cover the mouth and nose after being pulled open. Thus, a machine is needed to fold the mask. The machine sets a small Angle in advance through three adjustable bevels, and the welded non-woven fabric gradually Narrows through the bevels to form a folded structure. The folded structure is then compacted.

5. It is then cut into a single mask

With this process, one side of the non-woven fabric is matched with the conveying wire, which is then sewn through the hem.

6. Insert wire

The edge of the mask is then compacted by threading the ear cord over the edge of the mask. And then through sterilization inspection qualified to go on the market.

Disposable medical masks have high requirements for equipment, production environment and personnel. But like the automobile industry, the mobile phone industry and so on also have a lot of links are completed in the dust-free environment.

Four. Functions and characteristics of spot welding machine for mask ear band:

1. It can process 3M 9001, 9002 and other folding mask ontology, and complete the processing in one time.

2, PLC automatic control, automatic count.

3, simple adjustment device, easy refueling.

4. The mold can be changed quickly by extraction and replacement, and different types of masks can be produced.

Fives. Mask ultrasonic welding machine must be read before use

1. Determine the ground wire used in operation.

2. Check the voltage before use. Turn off the machine and turn off the power.

3, when you use it, avoid the machine empty heating time is too long. Please turn off the power when you are not using it. You can also put a scrapped product machine on the workbench to avoid idling the machine.

4.Clean countertops when you start working.

5. Be careful not to contact the hot pressing welding head to avoid soup injury.

6. Clean the fixture and welding head with a copper brush every 1 hour.

7. Check the parallelism of welding head with carbon paper once before each shift, and clean the welding head and fixture.

8. Check the parallelism of the hot press welding head after each adjustment or assembly and disassembly.

9. Clean the machine working table with clean cloth and water every 1 hour.

10. Inform ME to replace the hot press welding head when the welding times =30000 times.

Six. How to reduce the reject rate in the production process of automatic folding mask machine?

1. Deviation of raw material input;

2. Insufficient mold precision;

3. The folding device is not aligned;

4. Poor printing;

5. Faults in the welding process of automatic ultrasonic ear band,

6. A series of problems, such as cutting knife device,

7. When the roll diameter of conventional automatic folding mask machine changes in the process of material replacement, it is easy for the raw materials to have such problems as deviation, discounting, continuous cutting with cutting knife, weak welding and welding, etc. Masks are produced by machine to produce the product defective rate is higher, in the face of such problems, we upgraded to equipment, and increased the automatic tension device, servo system, photoelectric tracking device, PLC controller, automatic correction system, improve the stability of equipment operation, professional comprehensive reduce defective rate in the process of automatic folding mask machine production, improve product quality as a whole.

Seven, how much is the highest frequency of ultrasonic mask heat closing machine

1. The energy of the ultrasonic canvas machine itself is in the cycle of sound wave propagation of the blister packaging machine. Part of it is absorbed by the medium through which the sound is transmitted. How much of this energy is absorbed depends on the nature of the medium. As a rule, the energy of sound waves is absorbed most in gases, less in liquids, and least in solids (in metals, for example, in quartz crystals), and the higher the frequency of vibration, the more energy is absorbed. Blister packaging machine should first check whether the maintenance of ultrasonic equipment has obvious maintenance history, ultrasonic welding condition, ultrasonic mold temperature, service life, etc., and then check the machine.

2. The upper limit of ultrasonic vibration is about 100 gigahertz. Blister packaging machine so that its sound transmitter surface soil has been completely silent. But that ceiling has not yet been reached.

Eight. Features of ultrasonic spot welding machine for ear band:

1. According to different products, heating speed can be selected

2. Titanium alloy head ensures average temperature, rapid temperature rise and long service life

3. The head is specially designed to be horizontally adjustable to ensure the average compression of the components

4, temperature numerical control, clear and precise

5. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, the pressure range can be preset

Nine, high frequency machine no current how to return a responsibility

(1) check whether there is air leakage in the upper and lower parts of the cylinder, otherwise replace the sealing ring;

(2) check whether all steam pipes and joints are firmly connected and whether there is air leakage;

(3) check whether the extension length of the rivet head exceeds the standard, otherwise it should be replaced;

(4) check whether the riveting head swings normally, otherwise it will be shut down for maintenance. If there is a problem with the spherical pair, the spherical pair should be replaced or repaired in time;

(5) the guide rail and other parts should be coated with butter to lubricate and prevent rust;

(6) check whether the noise and riveting quality of the spindle during rotation are abnormal, and if so, check it. If the bearing is worn or damaged, replace the shaft immediately;

(7) add grease to the spherical pair;

Ten, the ultrasonic mask after welding the internal parts of the solution

1. Advance the time of ultrasonic wave vibration (avoid contact with the vibration).

2. Reduce the pressure and ultrasonic welding time (reduce the intensity standard).

3. Reduce the number of power segments or low-power machines.

4. Reduce the ultrasonic mold expansion ratio.

5. Cushion rubber on the bottom die of high cycle machine under stress.

6. Avoid suspension or gap between bottom mold and products.

7.HORN (upper die) retest frequency after escaping the hole.

8. The elastic material shall be affixed after the escape hole of the upper die.

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