Pvc stretch ceiling film double high High Frequency welding machine


Pvc stretch ceiling film double high High Frequency welding machine


Description :

1. Anti-spark electric device

When the spark occurring, the high sensitiveness spark electric protection system will cut the high frequency power immediately to protect the mould and material.

2. Jamming prevention device

Equipped with high frequency stabilizer and magnetic leakage suppressor, this device can prevent the leakage of electromagnetic radiation to avoid other electrical instruments jamming such as televisions and radios, etc.

 3. Safety device

When the current over its limit, the overload relay works automatically to protect the oscillation tubes and rectifier. The frequency deviation caused by mistake is avoided.

4.The special mechanical structure

With a excellent design and structure, the machine can works precisely and intensively.

5.Easy tuning and special protection circuit

The selectable output power can ensure the stable quality of the product. While the welding process, it could largely reduce the heating time.

6.Pneumatic Pressure Device

It is provided pneumatic pressurizing device, which can adjust the pressure in the practical situation, greatly decrease the operation difficulty and impaction equipments, changing the controlling method may modify the high-frequency process technology.


Application :

Foxygen Stretch ceiling welding Machine


Parameter :

Input Power:15KVA

Oscillation Tube: 7T69RB

Max pressure(kg):500kg

Working space:60mm

Max Gap of Electrodes(mm):80mm

Electrode size(mm):350mm*700mm

Operation mode: Pneumatic & Foot pedal

Net Weight(kg): 475kg

Gross Weight(kg):605kg

Packing measurement(mm) :1800(L)*1220(W)*1710(H)mm




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