High frequency machine maintenance

It mainly USES high pressure ballasted high frequency electron tube to oscillate, and generates high frequency electromagnetic wave electric field. It USES processed PVC, TPU, EVA and other plastic materials to undergo molecular melting changes in the electromagnetic wave electric field, and the purpose of melting can be achieved by adding pressure. Hf machine equipment in the use of the process will mainly appear what faults and troubleshooting maintenance.

High frequency machine maintenance

1. Customers need to check the water filter regularly when using high frequency machine and high frequency equipment.

2. If there is dust on the machine, use it for dry compressed air to clean the machine carefully, but turn off the main power supply.

Failure: turn off the main power supply before inspection, because there are several kv to v voltage in the machine.

Phenomenon 1: red light of common overflow (overload light)

The reason:

A) lower die edge damage.

B) there is dirt, dust and moisture in the working material, vibrating cylinder or upper and lower die to be cleaned.

C) horizontal position of lower die on hf.

D) the upper and lower molds are directly touching each other without edges.

E) high frequency machine input power supply.

F) damaged or loose vacuum tube of hf machine.

G) over power protection electronic board is damaged. The overcurrent protection plate is the one with three main appliances.

H) the high frequency machine is too big and the output is too high.

I) the work object is too large, and the rated output of the same machine is output.

J) failure of temperature control.

K) damage to high voltage capacitor.

L) damage to high frequency flange column (upper formwork).

Phenomenon 2: at high cycle output, the main power supply is disconnected or fuses

The reason:

A) vacuum tube failure.

B) transformer failure.

C) failure of high-voltage rectifier panel.

D) damage of three-phase magnetic switch.

E) short barrier of high voltage line.

F) failure of electric heating plate.

Phenomenon 3: there is no high frequency output in the use of the high frequency machine

The reason:

A) switch contact.

B) line fault.

C) vacuum tube failure.

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