High frequency leather welding machine


High frequency leather welding machine


Description :


1.Adopt splitting device by motor,which the working position can be rotating alternating work.     

2.3-5 working positions available, which also can be matched with robot instead of labor feeding or removing material.

3.Equipped with oil pressure supercharging device make the output larger, also finishing the whole process with welding and cutting scraps one-time.     

4.American sparkle protector device, which make the mold & products to minimize the damage degree.

5.Adopt Europe type high frequency coaxial resonators when current overloaded then automatically cut off the pressure to protect the oscillation tubes and rectifier.

6.Custom size work tables and welding platen is available


Application :


Used for APET,PETG,PVC,PET,etc material usage of double blister sealing, blister paper card packing, toothbrush packing, with EVA cloth leather, leather,PU material welding and fusing,also be used in PVC, APET, PETG, PP sheet of soft crease box production line (SK)


Parameter :

The size of upper electrode:400*600mm

The size of lower electrode:400*600mm


Input power:25KVA


Max pressure:1000kg

Press stoke:150mm

Max distance of electrodes:200mm

The range of temperature:30~200 oC adjustable

Welding time:0---10sdjustable


Oscillation tube:8T85RB




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