FRP cooling tower description of structural characteristics

FRP cooling tower description of structural characteristics

FRP cooling tower corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, small size, less land, beautiful and durable, and transportation, installation and maintenance are more convenient. Therefore, it is widely used in various sectors of the national economy, especially suitable for cooling water circulation systems such as air conditioning, refrigeration, air compressor station, heating furnace and condensing process.

FRP cooling tower structural characteristics

(1) tower body: reasonable profile, stable airflow, good material, bright color, the surface gelcoat resin contains anti-ultraviolet agent, aging resistance, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance. According to the order requirements, the lower tower body can be equipped with overflow, sewage, automatic water supply pipe, which can directly absorb water, eliminating the cooling pool, the above equipped with anti-noise and muffler mat, effectively reduce the sound of dripping.

(2) packing: modified polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wave sheet is adopted, transverse convex ribs are added, water redistribution ability is strong, resistance is small, thermal performance is good, high temperature 70 degrees, low temperature -50 degrees, good flame retardant.

(3) rotating water distributor and water distribution pipe: equipped with stainless steel ball bearings, flexible and reliable operation, low water head, uniform distribution of water, using aluminum alloy or glass steel made of water distribution pipe, the installation of the water plate on the pipe, to overcome the phenomenon of floating water.

(4) fan: the fan with low noise and high efficiency is designed by the department of engineering mechanics of tsinghua university according to the parameters of a series of cooling towers.

(5) motor: the low-noise energy-saving motor designed for the cooling tower by the department of electrical machinery of tsinghua university on the basis of y-type series installation size, with good sealing and waterproof performance, high temperature resistance, high efficiency and low noise.

(6) deceleration device: polyester fiber reinforced neoprene power belt drive, high temperature resistance, high efficiency, water does not stretch, to overcome the phenomenon of slipping, very small noise.

(7) sound absorption facilities: ultra-low noise cooling tower increases the shielding of sound absorption material outside the air inlet, and installs sound absorption grids in the upper and lower parts to achieve the maximum noise reduction effect. In the outlet of the upper tower body, the horn mouth shield and sound absorption gate with sound absorption material are installed to reduce the noise from the fan and motor.

(8) air inlet window: equipped with hundreds of glass fiber reinforced plastic blades to reduce floating water and low airflow resistance, especially suitable for units in northern areas and that need to use cooling towers all year round.

(9) support: all fans, stuffing, air inlet window, tower body, etc., steel support for assembly, galvanized or painted anticorrosion. Fasteners are galvanized or stainless steel bolts.

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