Factory Direct FRP Cooling Tower

FRP cooling tower product description

FRP cooling tower is a kind of water directly contacting with air heat exchanger. It is mainly composed of cooling tower fan, cooling tower motor, cooling tower packing, plant water system, water tower, flat plate, etc. The air and the water in the package are heat exchanged to reduce the water temperature. In international units, ton water is relatively commonly used.

Generally speaking, cooling tower refers to open cooling tower.

1. Counterflow FRP cooling tower refers to the tower with hot water passing through the packing from top to bottom and air flow passing through the packing from bottom to top. It is a cooling direction tower with hot water and air flow close to 180 °.

2. Cross flow cooling tower means that hot water passes through the packing from top to bottom and air flow passes through the packing from horizontal direction. It is a kind of flow direction of hot water and air in the cooling tower nearly 90 °.


FRP cooling tower structure

(1) panel: glass fiber reinforced plastic material, with smooth and beautiful surface, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

(2) packaging: it is used for modified PVC with two-way point wave, good thermal performance, small air resistance, good rigidity, heat resistance of 75 ℃, cold resistance and flame resistance.

(3) fan: blade material of alloy aluminum plate. The fan has reasonable aerodynamics, large air volume, high efficiency, low noise, corrosion resistance, etc

(4) motor and reducer: for external equipment.

(5) wash basin: made of fiberglass, the water is evenly distributed, and the low-noise type with cover plate can put my light and sundries into it to reduce splashing.

(6) muffler: glass fiber reinforced plastic material, stuck in cavity type and flame retardant PVC film sound insulation material.

(7) louver: glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which can prevent splashing and make the air flow in the tower uniform.

(8) water tank: it is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, with effluent effect, automatic water adding facilities, and can be directly absorbed for closed-circuit circulation.

(9) framework: used for corrugated steel assembly structure, good rigidity, light weight, convenient transportation, installation, galvanizing and corrosion protection.




Cooling capacity ranges

from 3 to 780 M3/h

relevant refrigeration ton

from 5 to1000

Body material



Works at an equal speed, a low self moving pressure, an energy-saving use and a low noise


special Strong electric motor



The standard cooling tower can withstand a maximum temperature of 60 ° C. If the temperature is higher than 60 ° C, we recommend that you choose a high temperature cooling tower that can withstand 100 ° C.

Competitive advantages of FRP cooling tower

1. High thermal efficiency and low energy consumption of cooling tower

2. Less floating water, green and environmental protection

3. Small volume, light weight and small volume

4. The cooling tower has low noise and vibration during operation

5. Convenient installation and maintenance, long service life

Application of cooling tower

Food industry, medicine, metal casting, plastic industry, rubber industry, textile industry, steel plant, chemical industry, petrochemical products, power plant, generator, steam turbine, air compressor, hydraulic press, wire drawing machine, injection molding machine, etc.

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