Cooling tower in working process basic method of thermal calculation

Cooling tower in working process basic method of thermal calculation

1. Basic method of thermal calculation in the working process of cooling tower

There are chowder method (cooling number method), average method, final method (piecewise integration method) and so on. In the practical calculation, the hotchpotch difference method is widely used.

2. Basic method of thermal test for cooling tower during operation

3. Analyze and summarize the operation records

This method is usually not used alone, but is often used in combination with the method of thermal calculation, that is, the thermal calculation is made first, the results of the actual operation records to verify the correction, so as to obtain the results of the correction.

The thermal characteristics of the cooling tower under different working conditions can be expressed by various types of charts (i.e., "thermal characteristic curve"). Different types of thermodynamic characteristic curves have their own characteristics. Different cooling towers have different thermal characteristic curves due to their different area and structure. Considering the convenience and need of the operation and management of the cooling tower, one type of thermal characteristic curve of the cooling tower is recommended by an example.

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