Automatic high pressure cleaning machine specification for operation

The use of automatic high pressure cleaning machine, high pressure pump volume, nursing times, the standard of operation and so on have affected its normal operation. Most of the high pressure cleaning machine trouble more attack in the use of the process, so in order to prevent the problem in the source should be in the high pressure cleaning machine equipment work to adhere to the standard operation, at any time to monitor its operation to prevent the high pressure automatic cleaning machine site collapse can not find the reason for the problem. Common if the automatic high pressure cleaning machine equipment presents the fault from the water supply, power end, hydraulic end of a few local analysis reason.

Automatic high pressure cleaning machine specification for operation

Water supply is mainly from the analysis of water supply pressure, flow and other conditions. Sufficient water supply pressure and flow can prevent the hydraulic end of the high-pressure cleaning pump from appearing the state of negative pressure extraction, bubble bursting, cavitation valve mouth, so that the service life of the valve disc and seat of the high-pressure pump can be guaranteed. The pressure is mainly to observe the pressure gauge, check whether the pressure gauge of the equipment is the rated pressure set by the equipment.

Observation flow can be enough to be in the high pressure cleaning pump working speed detection, due to a slight lack of water supply flow at some time, the cleaning pump speed compared to the low state will present sufficient pseudo flow, high pressure cleaning machine in this state of work on the high pressure pump form a very serious damage.

The power end is mainly to check the high pressure cleaning pump speed, the main bearing, crankshaft bearing, the temperature of the oil cooler, the oil volume of the high pressure pump smooth oil, the quality (can be changed according to the request), seals, equipment amplitude. The hydraulic end mainly checks the inlet and outlet valve, pressure regulating valve, valve core seat, etc. If the inlet and outlet liquid valve is not closed strictly or the pressure regulating seal presents the fault will form the water supply leakage, the flow decreases, the pressure falls. Valve core valve seat if damaged close not strict also can form overflow outlet leakage, pressure landing.

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