Spotter Welder Mini Spot Welding Machine


Spotter Welder Mini Spot Welding Machine

It can weld meson pads, twist pads, wavy wires, nails 2.0mm, nails 2.5mm and Shrinking functions.


1.Saving time
Improve efficiency and save working hours are the focus of auto maintenance industry is just the one which can meet these wishes.
2.Saving effort
Reduce labor intensity is the shortcut to improve efficiency. With lightweight form, compact design saving the operator’s substantial energy.
3.Saving maintenance costs
It is designed with high-tech independent research and development, no need maintenance, saving money and time for customers.
4.Saving power
Saving power, it’s power costs is less than 10% of traditional spot welder’s.
5.Saving freight charge
With compact form, it can save freight charge for customers and distributors.
6.Saving service costs
All the agents are training by our engineers, they can supply with convenient and efficient service.
7.Saving training costs
It is simple to operate, we provide professional video training site, saving substantial costs of training.




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