anaerobic pyrolysis technology of waste copper wire of analysis

More efficient! More environmental protection! Analysis of anaerobic pyrolysis technology of waste copper wire

Copper clad wire is the key material for manufacturing electromagnetic winding of motor, electrical appliance and telecommunication instrument. The purity of copper used is high and it is the main source of copper recovery. The domestic copper resources supply is insufficient, and more than 70% of copper resources need to be imported. With the increasing demand for copper products and the shortage of copper concentrate resources, recycled copper is paid more and more attention and has become an important supplement to the supply of copper raw materials.

Mechanical law

The main process includes comminution air separation secondary comminution electrostatic separation dust collection and so on. It is difficult to meet the modern industrial requirements of automation and assembly line production due to its unstable separation effect, large copper loss and low treatment efficiency.

Mechanical law


In the process of incineration, copper wire is directly contacted with air and oxidizes, resulting in large loss and low quality of copper. At the same time, a large number of harmful gases and dioxins will be produced by peroxide combustion, which is easy to cause secondary environmental pollution.


Batch pyrolysis

After being broken, the waste copper wire enters the material tank for heating and cracking. Since the charging tank is produced by alternating heating and cooling of a / b tanks, each furnace must have the process of heating up and rapid cooling, so the equipment energy consumption is large and the labor intensity is high.

Batch pyrolysis

Continuous pyrolysis recovery method

Continuous pyrolysis method can realize continuous and large-scale recovery of waste copper wire, so as to improve energy utilization, shorten production cycle, and reduce production cost and labor cost. The pyrolysis tail gas enters the environmental protection tail gas purification system, which can eliminate the influence of smoke, dioxin and other harmful substances on the environment. Through online monitoring, the emission values of all indicators are lower than the relevant national emission standards

Continuous pyrolysis recovery method

Through comparison, continuous pyrolysis recovery method has many advantages over mechanical method, direct incineration and intermittent pyrolysis method, and has broad application and development space!

In view of this situation, through technical research, the efficient environmental protection of enameled wire and the recycling of copper resources are realized, and a complete set of technology and key equipment for continuous pyrolysis recovery of enameled wire are successfully developed.

Key technology of continuous pyrolysis equipment for enameled copper wire

1. Continuous anaerobic pyrolysis technology

The continuous pyrolysis equipment of enameled wire adopts emptying sealing method to recycle waste enameled wire in oxygen free environment. The material enters into the replacement chamber through the automatic feeding device to empty and clean the air. After replacement, the material enters the pyrolysis furnace for continuous pyrolysis. After the pyrolysis, the pyrolysis gas enters the purification system for purification. After the pyrolysis, the product is cooled by the cooling system and discharged, and then the subsequent treatment is carried out. 

2. Clean treatment technology of pyrolysis tail gas

The tail gas generated in the pyrolysis process is successively collected, and then discharged after a series of treatment such as secondary combustion. To achieve the reasonable and efficient purification of VOCs, fly ash, dust, heavy metals, acid gases and other pollutants in the tail gas. The dioxin in the tail gas can be completely decomposed and the secondary generation can be restrained by the process of fast and full combustion and rapid cooling. After being treated by the tail gas purification system, the exhaust gas can be discharged up to the standard.

3. Intelligent automatic process control technology

The continuous pyrolysis equipment of enameled wire carries out continuous feeding pyrolysis cooling discharging process under the stable pyrolysis temperature and cooling environment. The production line adopts visual intelligent monitoring system to realize continuous production, which overcomes the problems of long production cycle, high energy consumption and high artificial strength existing in traditional intermittent pyrolysis production. The whole production line can be controlled by visual monitoring system to improve the operation efficiency of the whole production line.


At present, four sets (sets) of the waste enameled copper wire continuous anaerobic pyrolysis equipment have been successfully put into operation in Anhui Chujiang high tech electrical materials Co., Ltd., all of which have achieved continuous normal production and run well.

The annual processing capacity of a single set of equipment is more than 20000 tons

Copper recovery ≥ 99.5%

Treatment cost per ton ≤ 200 yuan

The annual output value of a single set of equipment is about 1 billion yuan

Through monitoring, the average concentration of particulate matter is 10 ~ 15mg / M ~ 3, SO2 is not detected, and the average value of NOx is 100mg / M ~ 3. All emission indexes of tail gas meet the national emission standards. Figure 3 shows the comparison of waste enameled wire before and after equipment treatment. After treatment, the paint of enameled wire is obviously carbonized, and a small part of carbon attached can be removed by twisting copper wire and air separation.

Key technology of efficient environmental protection recovery of waste enameled copper wire and large-scale continuous intelligent equipment

waste enameled copper wire and large-scale continuous intelligent equipment

Comparison of waste enameled copper wire before and after treatment

Comparison of waste enameled copper wire before and after treatment

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