Mesh belt type tempering furnace

 The mesh belt type tempering furnace is the continuous operation of the network conveyor. Through the heating zone which can control temperature, so as to achieve the aim of work tempering. This series furnace has the following characteristics and advantages: Using high strength stainless steel wire woven into mesh belt, long service life; The transmission mechanism is simple and reliable, and the network speed is adjustable; It adopts the circulating fan to speed up the furnace airflow and improve the heat transfer effect; It is convenient to replace the electric heating elements without breaking the roof and housing; The lining of the furnace is made of aluminum silicate, and the heat insulation of the furnace is better; Using high precision instruments, reliable performance, convenient operation, instrument control precision of plus or minus 2 ℃;
This furnace is especially suitable for the production of various standard parts, bearings, bicycle parts, hardware, textile parts and so on.
Rated temperature : 650℃ , rated power : 90kw . working zone size : 6000x800x100mm , technical productivity : 400kg .

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