Isothermal quenching nitrate furnace


Hankou electric furnace professional manufacture of isothermal quenching nitrate furnace is the introduction of foreign high-tech design and manufacturing of new technology industrial furnace, the use of salt-melting liquid medium heating workpiece, salt-furnace heating workpiece, heating speed is faster, lighter oxidation decarburization, high temperature, easy to isothermal quenching heat treatment. Especially suitable for railway locomotive, ball mill liner, steel ball, crusher hammer head Austempering wear - resistant materials.


Brief Introduction of structure:

Nitrate furnace standard configuration: isothermal quenching nitrate furnace by the furnace body, stainless steel crucible, double electric convection stirring mechanism, stainless steel cooling package, electric heating elements and microcomputer automatic temperature control cabinet group, can use nitrate parts quenching, tempering heating, isothermal quenching cooling and other processes.

Furnace body: the furnace body is welded by section steel and steel plate, the furnace face is made of =14mm plate, and the salt-salt furnace lining is made of compound lining fiber for insulation, making the entire salt-salt furnace structure a standard energy-saving furnace lining.

Heating element: The heating element of the saltpetre furnace is installed around the saltpetre furnace with high temperature electric heating element.

Crucible: crucible used heat resistant stainless steel plate made of close welding, and through the factory X-ray inspection, as isothermal quenching salt furnace used in the crucible arranged made of heat resistant stainless steel cold package four.

Additional configuration: Electric reciprocating swing type material rack can be installed on the furnace body, the workpiece is placed in the material rack, reciprocating movement in the saltpeater, to achieve the effect of uniform temperature, isothermal quenching. Equipped with a compressed air inlet pipe of stainless steel, another in the crucible of porous jet pipe, at the bottom of the rapid cycle, the nitrate liquid to nitrate solution within any uniform temperature, automatically by the nitrate furnace temperature control electric cabinet, can make the rapid cooling quenching workpiece in a very short time to the isothermal quenching temperature in the automatic constant temperature required for any process.

Saltpetre furnace with isothermal quenching

Technical parameters:

Parameter nameCompanymodel
Rated powerKW304570105220
Rated voltageV380
maximum temperature550
working temperature0-550
Number of phasesmutually3
chamber of a stove or furnace
Heating element connection
Temperature rise time of empty furnaceh3.53.5444.5




Parameter nameCompanymodel
Rated powerKW400420500
Rated voltageV380
Number of phasesmutually3
maximum temperature900
working temperature850
chamber of a stove or furnace
Temperature rise time of empty furnaceh3
control accuracy±1
Temperature control sectionarea9
Furnace temperature uniformity±5-8
longmm132005600Ring 18460

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