ion nitriding technology application scope

Ion nitriding technology bombards parts with nitrogen ions produced by ionization of nitrogen gas, and the surface is heated and nitrided. The surface nitriding layer is obtained by ion chemical heat treatment technology. When the parts are treated by ion nitriding technology, the hardness of the material surface can be improved, so that the material has a good corrosion resistance. Wear resistance and burn resistance.

Ion nitriding technology is suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, alloy steel and titanium alloy materials, according to product requirements and provide appropriate treatment program, even if the same ion nitriding technology, but the requirements for products are different standards, all determine the application method of ion nitriding technology, and can be combined with practical use. It is also a plan to maximize the value of products by customizing the right products.

The characteristics of ion nitriding technology can save energy, nitrogen consumption, and the advancement of ion nitriding technology. It really improves the convenience for practical operation requirements. The value of ion nitriding technology is affirmed, which originates from professional and standard processes, but actually comes from professional and regular manufacturers of ion nitriding technology. Based on the advanced and technological standards of ion nitriding technology, the work is strictly required and standardized to maximize the value of the way.

Understanding the application scope of ion nitriding technology, according to product requirements using ion nitriding technology treatment, of course, is also required through professional and formal ion nitriding technology manufacturers as a prerequisite, especially for the technical standardization of ion nitriding technology, really plays an important role in practical application, this is also about separation The application of sub nitriding technology lays the foundation. provides heat treatment services for customers in four fields: chemical heat treatment (carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding), vacuum heat treatment, plasma heat treatment (plasma nitriding), conventional heat treatment (including cryogenic treatment).