ion nitriding application

Ion nitriding, also known as ion nitriding, can be used in the following aspects:

1. Machine tool parts, such as boring bar and spindle, precision screw, gear, spindle sleeve and so on.
2, power machinery parts, such as diesel engine crankshaft, internal combustion engine cylinder sleeve, diesel engine intake and exhaust valve, etc.
3. Other mechanical parts, such as spiral bevel gear of rotary table of oil drilling rig, pump barrel of oil pumping pump, plastic injection sleeve, pneumatic motor stator, ball-point pen core, etc.
4, titanium and titanium alloy parts, such as titanium bushing, titanium alloy valve plate and valve seat, titanium acid sprinkler, artificial titanium joints, etc.
5, mold, such as precision forging die, hot forging die, aluminum extrusion die, aluminum die casting, high speed steel die and so on.

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