When is heat treatment for shaft materials normally placed?

Generally look at the technical requirements of your heat treatment, shaft material is generally tempered treatment, after the rough car after the heat treatment of deformation allowance or crisp blank when the tempering treatment, and then the fine car to the specified size, and finally coarse grinding. If the local surface quenching or overall quenching, it is necessary to arrange after the basic molding of the fine car after the basic molding. Rough grinding can be done before. Rough grinding does not mean hardness.

The reason is that the workpiece is quenched and tempered, the hardness of HB220-250 or HRC25-32, this hardness, the normal processing can be done, and after the quenching is different, the hardness is generally higher, generally more than HRC40 or even higher, this hardness, the turning is very difficult.

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