Prehardening Technology of Die Materials

Heat treatment is a long-term process used by most dies in the manufacturing process. Since the 1970s, the idea of Pre-hardening has been put forward internationally. However, due to the constraints of machine tool stiffness and cutting tools, the hardness of Pre-hardening can not reach the hardness of the dies, so the research and development of Pre-hardening technology has little investment. With the improvement of the performance of machine tools and cutting tools, the development of Pre-hardening technology for die materials has been accelerated. By the 1980s, the proportion of Pre-hardening module used in plastic die materials in developed countries has reached 30% (currently more than 60%). In the middle and late 1990s, China began to use Pre-hardening modules (mainly imported products from abroad).

The Pre-hardening technology of die material is mainly developed and implemented by die material manufacturers. By adjusting the chemical composition of the steel and equipping the corresponding heat treatment equipment, the Pre-hardening module with stable quality can be produced in large quantities. In our country, the Pre-hardening technology of die materials started late and has a small scale. At present, it can not meet the requirements of domestic die manufacturing.

The use of Pre-hardening die material can simplify the die manufacturing process, shorten the manufacturing cycle of the die and improve the manufacturing accuracy of the die. It can be predicted that with the progress of processing technology, Pre-hardening die materials will be used for more die types.

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