Nitriding and nitrocarburizing

Nitriding heat treatment has occupied a large part of the heat treatment industry. At present, the nitriding process has also been unprecedentedly developed. Nitriding is divided into nitriding, multicomponent infiltration, composite nitriding, and plasma nitriding.

Nitrocarburizing, also known as soft nitriding of gas, is a chemical heat treatment process developed by liquid nitriding. Its essence is low temperature carbonitriding, which is mainly nitriding. Its characteristics are low temperature, short time, small deformation of the workpiece, stable quality, not restricted by steel. It can significantly improve the wear resistance, fatigue strength, bite resistance and abrasion resistance of the parts. At the same time, it can solve the toxic problems in liquid nitriding and avoid public harm, so the working conditions are good. In addition, the equipment and operation are simple and easy to spread. The process, like other chemical heat treatment, can be divided into three stages, that is, the nitriding agent decomposes the active carbon and nitrogen atoms, the surface of the steel absorbs the active atom, and the penetrated atom diffuses inside to obtain a certain depth of the permeation layer. In the past few years, the application of gas nitriding in the fields of tooling, automobile, tractor, machine tool and petrochemical machinery has been increasingly expanded, and good results have been achieved in improving the life of tools, moulds, cylinder sleeves and crankshafts.

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