Pusher Furnace for Firing Lithium Battery

Application of pusher kiln: it is suitable for the low loss rate of lithium battery anode material in one or two firing.

Features of the pusher kiln: advanced thermal insulation materials, high energy efficiency, unique furnace and large gas field design, uniform temperature control and stability. Oxygen content is more than 10 ppm.


1. Maximum temperature: 950 ℃. C. Temperature range: RT ~ 750 ℃. C,

2. Furnace inlet size (from push plate surface to furnace top): 700 × 230mm.

3. Push rod: full automatic hydraulic push rod with circular pipeline (maximum working pressure: 7 MPa).

4. Round line: single plate full roll table structure (clockwise).

5. Main pushing speed: 500mm ~ 1500mm / min.

6. Typical processing time: 20 minutes.

7. Heating element: ceramic tube with high temperature resistant heating wire inside.

8. Atmosphere: nitrogen (99.999%).

9. Exhaust system: there are 3 sets of exhaust pipes on the heating area..

10. Cooling mode: air cooling combined with water cooling.

11. Temperature control stability: ± 1 degree. C

12. Temperature uniformity: ± 5 degrees. C. (flat high temperature zone)

13. Area No.: 11 areas

14. Temperature control point: 22 points

15. Alarm Description: overheating, thermocouple failure, overload, oil pressure, water temperature, oxygen content test and other audible and visual protection

16. Weight: about 6000kg

17. Boundary dimension: 23750 × 5400 × 1920mm (L × w × h). (excluding mounting foot, alarm light and control cabinet)

Technical parameters:


Push Board Dimension (mm)





200-900Deg. C.






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