Industrial kiln oven push furnace

Industrial kiln oven push furnace technical indicators

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Industrial kiln oven push furnace

Industrial kiln oven push furnace product description

Industrial kiln oven push furnace is made of steel and special-shaped steel welded together; The furnace is made of ceramic fiber and high quality resistance wire, saving 40% energy than brick furnace. It is mainly used for annealing, normalizing and stress relief of bars, pipes, forgings, large welds and castings.

Furnace shell: welded from profile and deck. The composite energy saving furnace lining is composed of light refractory brick, aluminum silicate fiber felt and silicon insulating material. The rise and fall of furnace cover is driven by motor to drive worm gear, worm and screw spindle. The furnace cover and the retort tank are sealed with appropriate sealing ring and impact structure, and the furnace cover is provided with exhaust door and explosion door.

Distillation: heat resistant stainless steel shell tightly welded, with water on top of the distillation cooling device.

Heating element: high alloy resistance threads are twisted on the bricks around the furnace.

Control system: KRG6 series controller is standard configuration, with imported digital temperature controller and automatic recording function, can automatically display, record and adjust the temperature, and has alarm protection function.

We can also use KRG7 series controller according to processing requirements. The precision of the silicon-controlled PID controller is ±10°c.

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Warranty: one year limited warranty, providing lifetime support, but excluding heating elements and user-damaged ceramic tubes.

Note: any damage caused by the use of corrosive and acidic gases, and any damage caused by incorrect operation and use, is not covered by the one-year limited warranty.

Type Customize Phase  Customize
Chamber sizePowerWorking temperature
W x H x D  
KSS-1200CK550x450x1100mm65KW3950 oC/1100C
KSS-1200CK800x600x1500mm105KW3950 oC/1100C
KSS-1200CK1050x750x2100mm180KW3950 oC/1100C
KSS-1200CK650x450x1300mm60KW3950 oC/1100C
KSS-1200CK900x700x1800mm120KW3950 oC/1100C

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