Battery Materials (lithium iron phosphate) Pusher Calcination Furnace


Battery materials (lithium iron phosphate) Pusher calcination furnace


 It is protective atmosphere pusher electric furnace, suitable for the sintering of high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery. The furnace body adopts automatic feeding and discharging, and all the operations are controlled by PLC. The equipment consists of sealed kiln body, drive feeding system, electric control system and so on.
Technical Parameters:
Heating power(KW): ≤140
Working temperature: ≤900C
Rated temperature: 1000C
Flat-temperature zone(mm): 16000mm adjustable
Effective aperture(mm) :680*150
Pusher plate size(mm): 340*340*30
Kiln body size(mm): 2150*1900*24000

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