High and Low Temperature Impact Test Box for Laboratory

Rapid temperature change test chamber

Product use:

The rapid temperature change test chamber is mainly used for the test of electrical and electronic products, components, components, metal materials and their adaptability as well as the stress screening test under simulated or rapidly changing climatic conditions, physical and other conditions.

Implementation and compliance with standards:

GB / T 10589-2008: technical conditions of low temperature test chamber

GB / T 10592-2008: technical conditions of high and low temperature test chamber

GB / T 2423.1-2008: low temperature test method

GB / T 2423.2-2008: high temperature test method

GB / T 2423.3-2008: constant humidity heat test method

GB / T 2423.4-2008: alternative humidity test method

GB / T 2423.22-2008: temperature change rate test method

GJB 150.3a-2009: high temperature test method

GJB 150.4a-2009: low temperature test method

GJB 150.9a-2009: Damp heat test method

GJB 360b-2009: Test methods for electronic and electrical components

JJF 1101-2003: temperature and humidity of environment and test equipment

Calibration specification

GB / T 5170.2-2008: Test methods of environmental test equipment for electric and electronic products temperature test equipment

Product features:

New refrigeration: compressor refrigeration can reach any temperature from - 70 ° C to - 170 ° C

High efficiency and energy saving: reduce power consumption by more than 30% during low temperature test

Excellent performance: the performance index is superior to the requirements of national and military standards

Compact size: easy access to the laboratory within 500 liters, saving floor space

Optimize air duct: Based on professional CFD fluid mechanics design, air circulation is more reasonable

Simple operation: humanized operation interface, one-stop start, no need for professional training

Multiple protection: ensure the safety and ease of use of personnel, test pieces and equipment

Technical indicators:

Product name

Rapid temperature change test chamber

Product number





Nominal volume






Inner size

Width × depth × height (cm)





External size

Width × depth × height (cm)







Temperature range

A,-40℃~150℃   B,-70℃~150℃  C,-90℃~150℃  D,-120℃~150℃

Humidity range

A,10%~98%RH       B, 20%~98%RH      C,30%~98%RH (optional with humidity)

Temperature fluctuation


Humidity fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Temperature deviation


Humidity deviation

Humidity>75%RH:≤+2,-3%RH; Humidity<75%RH:≤±5%RH

Heating rate

5,10,15,20,25,30℃/ min

Cooling rate

5,10,15,20,25,30℃/ min

Refrigeration method

Compressor refrigeration

Cooling method


Main components

Control System

Siemens programmable controller + touch screen + independent development program

Heating system

Fully independent system, high efficiency stainless steel finned tube heater

Humidifying system

Imported electronic humidity sensor

Cooling System

Importer-type scroll compressor

Circulatory system

Temperature and low noise motor, stainless steel centrifugal impeller

Main materials

Carton material

High-quality carbon steel plate, phosphating electrostatic spray treatment

Inner material

International standard SUS304# stainless steel mirror treatment

Insulation material

Hard flame retardant polyurethane foam

Sealing material

High and low temperature environment-friendly silicone rubber seal


380±10% VAC,50Hz,3L+N+G

Communication Interface

RS232, 485 communication interface, USB data interface, Ethernet interface

Optional accessories

1 sample holder, 1 test lead hole, 1 silicone plug

Safety devices

Recorder, Remote Control Software, Insulated Sample Holder, Split Manipulator, Dry Air Purge

Environmental requirements

Leakage, short circuit, motor overheating, heater overheating, humidification, water shortage, compressor overpressure, overload, multiple overtemperature protection

Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 35 °C, relative humidity: ≤ 85% RH, no strong vibration, electromagnetic radiation, dust and corrosive substances around;

Water supply temperature: ≤ 30 °C, water pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.3MPa, water quality meets industrial water standards;


 1.temperature performance parameters are in the ambient temperature of 25 °C, studio no load conditions, in accordance with GB/T5170.2-2008 test;

 2.according to the specific requirements of users customized non-standard rapid temperature change test chamber;

 3. This technical information is subject to change without notice.


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