white earth decolorizing oil filter of working principle

The decolorization of clay is mainly used in the decolorization and purification of oil filter. It is the decolorization agent of clay or activated carbon, which is used to remove the color in the production process of industrial oil and petroleum.

white earth decolorizing oil filter of working principle

Decolorization process of the white earth decolorization oil filter:

Pump the oil in the mix clay and filtering agent mix well to clay and decoloring filter tank is full, in the role of the thrust of the pump, through the loop clay in the screen surface of larger particles to form a filter cake layer, under the condition of high temperature, the impurities such as adsorption on clay surface, under the action of the filter cake layer, fine particles of clay were intercepted to form a countless tiny channels, to intercept more subtle suspended solids, in after filtering plate, put the clay in outside, by oil pressure will be squeezed out, the oil is clean oil, through the self-discharging system will automatically discharge after the adsorption of clay.

Decolorization purifier mainly consists of oil pump, vacuum pump, air compressor, filter tank, evaporation tank and reaction kettle.

Decolorization, purification and oil filter function bring three benefits to enterprises:

1. Special stainless steel filter plate is adopted for filtering, which eliminates the need for press cloth and filter paper, thus reducing the input of production cost and loss and saving cost for the company.

2, the use of vibration slag discharge device for slag, without manual slag cleaning, reduce the labor intensity and working hours of workers, so that workers do comfortable, no longer complain.

3. Pipe connection is adopted to achieve fully closed filtration. The whole filtration process is environmentally friendly, clean and pollution-free, creating a comfortable and hygienic workshop environment to meet the requirements of the environmental protection department.

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