What Causes The Vacuum Quenching Furnace To Fail To Reach Vacuum

What causes the vacuum quenching furnace to fail to reach the vacuum degree? The vacuum heat treatment furnace manufacturer will analyze with you:

First, the vacuum quenching furnace can not reach the vacuum degree: it may be that the pumping capacity of the vacuum unit is not enough, or the leakage rate is high, or both.

Second, close the vacuum valve after pumping the vacuum chamber to a certain vacuum state. If the value of the vacuum gauge rises rapidly, most cases are vacuum chamber leakage. At this time, we should first find out the leakage point and treat it. If the value of the vacuum gauge rises slowly, it may be that the pumping capacity of the vacuum unit is not enough. The focus of vacuum quenching furnace is to find out the leakage of vacuum pump and valve, or the pollution and oxidation of vacuum pump oil, or the poor sealing of the front pipeline, insufficient pump oil, or the emulsification of pump oil, and the leakage of shaft seal, etc. At this time, replace the vacuum pump oil or directly replace the vacuum pump.

Third, if the vacuum of the equipment drops rapidly in a short time. Generally, it is caused by aging, scratch and falling off of oxide skin on the sealing line of dynamic seals such as furnace door, vacuum valve and intermediate heat insulation door of vacuum quenching furnace. The seal can be cleaned and replaced, and the valve can be opened and closed manually for maintenance. If there is no problem, check the position of the interface between the vacuum chamber and the outside, such as the connecting flange, water-cooled electrode, pipeline and vacuum pipe. Sometimes, use acetone leak detection method to observe the change of vacuum degree and carefully find the leak point.

If it is impossible to find the leakage point of the vacuum quenching furnace, it is necessary to dismantle, check and re install all the places suspected of air leakage, or process the solid flange and block it for test.

What causes the furnace to fail to reach vacuum

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