vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace of characteristics and maintenance

Do you still not understand the characteristics and maintenance of vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace? It's all in this article!

What is a vertical aluminum quenching furnace? It is made of aluminum alloy as raw material for the quenching process tools. Because of its characteristics, now it has been used in more and more factories in daily work, so many of the vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace needs friends are very want to know about its details. Such as its characteristics, and how to maintain a long - used vertical aluminum quenching furnace. Then follow the small make up together to find the answer in the article!

vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace of characteristics and maintenance

First, the characteristics of vertical aluminum quenching furnace

1. Temperature uniformity of vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace

To achieve the temperature uniformity required by users, it is guaranteed by the correlation design of circulation fan, guide air cover plate, furnace structure, distribution of electric heating power, arrangement of electric heating elements, control mode and process, furnace door structure, etc.

2. Vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace has advanced mechanical system

The advancement of the system is guaranteed by design, component selection and quality, processing and manufacturing quality. The mechanical system runs smoothly and reliably, and the equipment is in the working state of low noise and low vibration.

3. Vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace has perfect control system

Reflected in 100 ℃ to 650℃ can achieve accurate temperature control, the system is stable and reliable, easy to operate, avoid human error operation, complete functions and other aspects.

4. Quenching transfer time is fast and adjustable

The mobile furnace door, fast lifting mechanism and advanced mechanical system at the bottom of the furnace make the quenching transfer fast and reliable, the time can be according to the user's process requirements, quenching speed ≤15S.

5. The quench tank shall be in the form of mobile trolley or pit to handle the workpiece quickly and conveniently.

vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace of characteristics and maintenance

Second, the maintenance method of vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace

1. Check the control cabinet and keep it clean at any time.

2. Check the top cover for ventilation every month to keep the ventilation holes unblocked.

3, check the electrical switchboard every month to keep the switchboard clean and screw firm.

4. Check that the ground wire is kept grounded at any time.

5. Add lubricating oil to the circulation fan and bearing parts every week.

6, at any time to observe the fan water circulation flow, current, voltmeter and temperature control instrument.

7. Strengthen data management

Strengthen the management of the basic data of the heating furnace, strengthen the daily management of the heating furnace, to exploit potential and increase efficiency of the heating furnace in use. Pay attention to improve the fuel structure, accurate control of the air-fuel ratio, to ensure complete combustion.

8. Strict implementation of rules and regulations

Strictly implement the rules and regulations, organize regular or irregular inspection of the implementation of rules and regulations, find problems timely rectification, so that all parts of the quenching furnace always in good use. Regularly organize study, training and discussion for front-line operators, managers and designers in a planned way to improve their operation and management level.

9. Update relevant technologies

Actively adopt new energy-saving technologies, especially strengthen the matching and integration of various energy-saving technologies, so that the use of each technology is always kept in the best conditions.

vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnace of characteristics and maintenance

After reading this article, we have a certain understanding of vertical aluminum quenching furnace? So much is hidden behind an ordinary factory facility!

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