vacuum oil filter to remove water and impurities of advantages and disadvantages

The filter element of ordinary vacuum oil filter can only filter impurities, but according to the different boiling point of oil and water evaporation water can be removed.

vacuum oil filter to remove water and impurities of advantages and disadvantages

1, efficiency,

The advantage of a vacuum filter is that it has a fast flow rate. It takes only a short time to filter a barrel of 200 litres oil, but it needs multiple cycles of filtration to ensure filtration efficiency.

2. Treatment effect of impurities

Vacuum oil filter USES vacuum distillation to separate water and mechanical filtration to remove impurities. The use cost of the filter element of the mechanical filter unit is high, and the cleanliness is not up to the requirement. A large amount of dissolved water and free water in the oil is not easy to remove, and the removal of impurities is also the use of ordinary filter element, easy to plug, filtration accuracy is limited by the filter element.

3. Water removal method

The oil goes into a vacuum tank and the water must be heated to boil before it can be removed. For oil with high water content emulsified, it needs to be treated slowly at low heating temperature, and there will be foam at high temperature, which is not conducive to operation. Heating accelerated oil degradation, oil product service life will be greatly reduced.

4. Use cost analysis

Due to the large flow rate of the vacuum oil filter, the pressure is also large, several sets of filter elements (primary filtration, fine filtration, etc.) are easy to be washed out by the pressure, so the frequency of replacement will be very high, the cost is imaginable. In addition, the power consumption of the vacuum oil filter is large, and it is suitable for oil treatment with less impurity and moisture in transformer oil.

5, volume

It is bulky, difficult to change the workplace, and not conducive to online processing.

6, safety

The vacuum oil filter does not have high temperature protection, but it needs to be heated by vacuum pumping, so there is a safety hazard. The heater should be put into use, and the heater should be stopped 5 minutes before the filter is stopped, in case the machine has pressure and the heater should be dry burned.

If the temperature of the oil in the plant is very high, then heating and removing water with a vacuum oil filter will accelerate the deterioration of the oil, and there is no value in extending its service life through filtration.

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